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Learn about cutting-edge technology from Silicon Valley insiders, VCs, and founders. Join tech and startup attorney Roger Royse for in-depth discussions covering the latest developments in law and technology.

Royse University  provides expert knowledge and information on technology, business, tax, personal finance, and other relevant subjects to help founders and decision-makers recognize and grasp new opportunities and make meaningful connections. Our goal is to share what we learn and practice on a daily basis, and to provide ideas and information to help you succeed. We invite you to help yourself to the all the resources available at Royse U. And please contact us If you have questions!

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January 2017

Past Webinars


Disaster Response & Recovery

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Even if you’re prepared, a disaster can have catastrophic consequences for your business. Join host Roger Royse and our panel of experts to learn about what to do immediately after a disaster, and how to plan for business continuity.

Employment Law

Employment Law Issues for Gig Economy Companies

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Join Royse Law Firm employment attorneys for an in-depth discussion about classification of workers, and compliance with employment law rules and regulations in the gig & sharing economy.


Decoding Silicon Valley with authors Michelle Messina and Jon Baer

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Roger Royse interviews Decoding Silicon Valley Authors Jonathan C. Baer and Michelle E. Messina

Tax Law Issues for New Economy Businesses

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An ever-increasing portion of personal income is generated from non-traditional sources made available by the gig & sharing economy, regulators are scrambling to keep up. Join our panel to discuss the current tax environment, and what the future may look like.

Future of the Innovation Economy

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Our panel of entrepreneurs and investors will discuss new technologies and developments in the gig, peer to peer, sharing and innovation economies. What’s new and what will the future hold?


The Gig, Sharing and Peer to Peer Economy – Policy Considerations and Constraints

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Lawmakers and regulators have struggled to keep up with the enormous popularity of the gig economy. Join our expert panel to discuss how new rules and regulations might support or stifle this growing market.

DISC – Domestic International Sales Corporation

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Moss Adams International Tax Partner Christine Ballard provides an in-depth look at the structures, benefits, and formalities for Domestic International Sales Corporations

Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate

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Expert tax and estate planning attorneys Roger Royse, David Spence, and Mark Mullin discuss FIRPTA, Tax, and other implications of foreign investment in United States Real Estate.


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Water Tech is a major area of focus for startups in certain regions, and is gaining significant traction in Silicon Valley. Join our expert panel to learn about cutting edge water technology.

CrowdFunding for Equity

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Crowdfunding started as a revolutionary way for companies to connect with early adopters to launch products that otherwise might never have been built. Now, crowdfunding for equity lets early adopters invest small amounts of capital in the companies they believe in.


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Recent advances in health technology have led to better detection, prevention, and treatment through less invasive procedures. Health-Tech is poised to improve the lives of millions.

Key Considerations – India Tax Update

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BDO Partner Pranay Bhatia gives a comprehensive overview of key considerations and tax implications of doing business in India.

Artificial Intelligence

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A.I. will be the technology that defines us, fundamentally changing the lives of billions and increasing productivity, helping make better decisions, analyzing complex data sets, and even entertaining us. Join our expert panel for a tour of the current state of A.I.

Financial Technology  “FinTech”

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The use of technology in finance, investing, and other financial transactions has taken our financial institutions by storm. Micro-trading, robo-investing, and meta data are just the tip of the FinTech iceberg.

AR / VR Insights

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Radio, television, and the internet fundamentally changed the way we receive information and communicate with each other. VR and AR are the next step in our journey toward total immersion

Blockchain Technology

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Products and services built on blockchain technologies may be the future for countless industries. Currency, contracts, accounting, voting, and all kinds of transactions may be affected.

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